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About – GeoScholar
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GeoScholar Mission

Our Mission is to promote the progress the people of the Earth with the least amount of impact to the Earth for health, safety, prosperity, and welfare while providing the best services to our partners through science, knowledge, and innovation.

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Dr. Stacey D. Lyle, RPLS has over 30 years as a global leader of industry and academia in Software/Systems Engineering, GIS, and Geomatics with a broad array of published/referenced journals on practical engineering science, legal opinions, and business solutions. My work includes leading the industry in information computer science, petroleum engineering, manufacturing engineering, geospatial science, environmental engineering and geodesy-geophysics projects in the field and in the laboratory.


The measurement of dimensional relationships, as of horizontal distances, elevations, directions, and angles, on the earth’s surface above and below especially for use in locating property boundaries, construction layout, and mapmaking is the profession of a surveyor and includes: Mapping, Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Hydrography, Cartography, Legal Land Boundary Determination, Geospatial Analysis, Geographic Information Science, Polical Boundaries, Engineering, Site Monitoring, and designing new technology, systems, and products.