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Education – GeoScholar
Contact us: admin@geoscholar.com


GeoScholar offers seminars and workshops globally.  Review the Events under Seminars where  you can come learn in a class.


Collection of education digital repository of material useful in learning.


  • Business
  • Cartography
  • Computer Science
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Hydrography
  • Land Law
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Photogrammetry/ Remote Sensing
  • Surveying




Some companies have numerous Professionals that need Continuing Education Hours.  It is expensive to send each employee to courses.  GeoScholar will come to your office site to train employees on current technologies and theories; including safety, standards, and ethics.  See One-on-One for potential courses or custom courses.


UAV- Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Professional Land Surveying


Geographic Information Science

Oil and Gas

Civil Engineering

Construction Science




How do we learn?  We all learn differently.  Blended learning is using both online learning and in-class lectures.

Seminars and One-on-One Trainings give us the chance to ask questions and ensure we have the concepts.

e-Learning also can be used to ask questions and test our knowledge on industry needed concepts through Experiential Learning.

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing”.

GeoScholar pedagogy of using Seminars, One-on-One Training, and e-Learning is built on Experiential learning of what is needed in industry with a strong foundation of theory.

Read student evaluations of Dr. Lyle’s seminars and courses.

Seminar Comment Sample:

  • A little more specific.
  • Excellent seminar. Dr. Lyle managed to keep my attention for 8 hours.
  • Amazing!
  • Dynamic personality.
  • One of the best seminars for CEU’s that we have attended.
  • Best I’ve been to.
  • Entertaining, very well prepared, truly excellent.
  • One of the best classes I’ve been to.
  • Less time on adverse possession.
  • Excellent presentation.
  • Dr. Lyle always does an excellent job on any class I’ve taken with him.
  • Very well prepared course – was and will be beneficial to my career.
  • History of surveying, more contemporary issues relative to surveying.
  • Very informative. Could be longer, it’s a lot of material to cover in 8 hours.
  • Beneficial in preparing your mindset to take the test.
  • Extremely helpful
  • Have the audio read by a real person (referring to material read off the CD)
  • Have participants read portions of study guide aloud to preserve voice.
  • Very good seminar. Lots of information was covered.
  • Great course.
  • Seminar was very conclusive
  • Great mix of concept and application. No suggestions.
  • Great course. Will tell others!
  • Spend more time on the analytical section
  • If I pass I will see you on the cruise next October.
  • Have this course last a week!
  • Great instructor! Really benefitted from class!
  • Offer materials a few weeks before seminar to begin studying your material sooner (we do this already)
  • Would be helpful to increase referencing page numbers in study book while going through sample questions (for future studying)
  • A wealth of information is provided. I enjoyed the course. It was nice to not need to take off from work to attend.
  • Great class.
  • Highly recommend for anyone interested in taking the Texas Board RPLS Exam.
  • Very good instructor
  • Overall the course is very good and prepares future test takers very well
  • Great and informative class!
  • Corpus Christi is nice, but a 5 hour drive
  • Less irrelevant questions from students leading to personal scenarios that aren’t beneficial to test-taking strategies. (Tell them to zip it and let you teach)!! I want to hear Dr. Lyle, not them! That and they can confuse me with their input.
  • I found this seminar to be thorough, concise and very informative!
  • Great Seminar
  • Very helpful. Major asset to my study materials and experience
  • Great accommodations and course
  • Great course. At times it was difficult to follow because the questions were not read very clearly (seemed rushed and made it hard to follow).
  • Overall, really enjoyed it and very beneficial. THANKS!
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Good personality. Open and non-confrontational
  • Great teacher. Keeps attention


The things I liked most about this eLearning course were:
I have been to four different universities and honestly would like to say he is one of the top three professors I ever had the pleasure in taking a class with.
He is an outstanding teacher and person. Would recommend anyone to take one of his classes.
Keep-up the good work and continue communicating with undergraduate and graduate students.

He is an excellent professor. He always try to help you at any time.
I really enjoyed the real world problems and scenarios that each project challenged us to accomplish. I learned new applications (e.g. PMWiKi and AgiSoft).Videos of the course and communication. Dr. Lyle was understanding and accommodating.
How enthusiastic my instructor was.
Helped me understand a lot of things i wasn’t real sure on in plane measurement
Liked working with the total stations and labs really helped in understanding about surveying and the importance of accurate data.
Got to learn how to use different equipment used in surveying.
Awesome job dr lyle!
I enjoyed the class a lot and I learned quite a bit wish we could have covered more things but overall was not bad. Thank you for time Dr. Lyle I’m looking forward to having you as my professor in future classes!!
Presented broad awareness of technology available to us.
Course Content and topics
Grading procedures
Objective of the course – Paper for ESRI conference
Access to the teacher – always welcome of a phone call, even out of school hours
Videos explaining the assignments or the current tasks
Respect for students and the willingness to work with personal schedules
The assignments are geared for real life situations. Everything we learned can be applied to real world problems.
– GIS and GPS creating maps
– Organize a project for research report