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Systems Engineering

The systems engineering process is a discovery process that is quite unlike a manufacturing process. A manufacturing process is focused on repetitive activities that achieve high quality outputs with minimum cost and time. The systems engineering process must begin by discovering the real problems that need to be resolved, and identify the most probable or highest impact failures that can occur – systems engineering involves finding elegant solutions to these problems.

Software Development

GeoScholar uses Open Source, iOS, Android, JAVA, PHP, HTML, C Sharp (.Net), Wiki Wiki, and machine control (Allen Bradley, LabView, MatLab), and other software products to build solutions owned by clients.

If you need a ESRI ArcGIS ArcSever with Portal with Oracle, GeoServer with MySQL, a FME Model, Android/App or an AutoDesk SDK App, or machine automation controller contact us and we can help!!

Hardware Development

GeoScholar build machine control systems with their partners that can be used to control and automate processes and machines.

App Development

GeoScholar has developed functional Apps for mobile applications for mapping, emergency response, and UAS control.

Server Network Development

If you need a Windows or Linus server configured on the cloud with ESRI ArcGIS ArcSever with Portal with Oracle, GeoServer with MySQL, or FME Cloud contact us and we can help!!

Geospatial Schema and DB Development

GeoScholar works with international orginizations to develop, test, and provide sample data for Enterprise GIS solutions.

Drone Control