Our Mission

Foster knowledge growth

across geoscience communities

to enhance the

 natural and built environment

while reducing

human impacts on Earth

Our Value

Geoscholar provides

innovative education and expertise

on surveying, mapping,

geospatial science, engineering

and the legal aspects of land ownership

Our Partnerships

With over 35 years experience in land surveying, geodesy, hydrographic surveying, photogrammetry and teaching, Geoscholar has cultivated geoinnovation across the nation through partnerships with industry (engineering and surveying firms, oil and gas companies, law firms) universities, federal and state agencies, and professional organizations

Geoscholar News

Geoscholar awarded TXDOT contract for PS and FS training

Geoscholar was awarded a contract to provide Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) and Principles and Practice of Professional Surveying (PS) preparatory examination trainings to Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) employees seeking to acquire a Texas Professional Land Surveying license.

Geoscholar offers US Veteran Affairs Courses free to public

Geoscholar offers a comprehensive suite of online geospatial courses developed for the US Department of Veteran Affairs to the general public at not cost. Contact Geoscholar to register. 


  • GIS
  • GNSS and UAS
  • Geodatabases
  • AI and biographies
  • Citizen Science

Geoscholar produces modeling tool for Texas Water Development Board

Geoscholar developed a series of geospatial data models and surveying procedures for the Texas Water Development Board's Hydrological Dynamic Model. Surveyors and engineers can quickly add existing and design topographic models to quickly assess 100-year flooding using Hec Ras 1D and 2D modeling.

Geoscholar awarded TxDOT contract for Texas RPLS training

Geoscholar was awarded the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) contract to provide Principles and Practice of Surveying: Texas RPLS (Texas RPLS) preparatory exam training for employees seeking to acquire the final licensure to become a Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor. We are proud to be a trusted TxDOT partner. 

Spring 2023 RPLS exam prep seminar

Geoscholar hosted a Principles and Practice of Surveying: Texas RPLS Seminar in College Station on March 11, 2023.


Dr. Stacey Lyle, RPLS, provided attendees with a review of critical information that is required to become licensed as a Texas Texas Registered Professional Land Surveying (RPLS) and worked through analytical problems that incorporated various legal aspects of professional surveying principles.

The RPLS review seminar was supplemented with online course materials delivered to attendees prior to the seminar. 


Visit Geoscholar's website for future RPLS training seminar offerings.



BIM Fusion Tool Developed by Geoscholar

Stacey Lyle, Ph.D., RPLS, developed a GIS-CAD-BIM fusion tool to allow scientists, engineers and decision makers to build geodatabases rapidly from information that is available utilizing multiple modalities. Dr. Lyle presented the tool April 2022 during his "GeoInnovation of GIS-CAD-BIM Fusion" presentation at the 2022 Gulf of Mexico Conference in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Expert testimony sets national legal precedent

Stacey Lyle, Ph.D., RPLS, testified as a subject matter expert in a July 2008 court case where Chesapeake Exploration, LLC entered into an agreement to purchase deep rights held by Peak Energy Corporation in certain oil and gas leases in the Haynesville Shale formation at $15,000 per acre. Chesapeake sought to exit the agreement based on the statute of fraud concerning land descriptions. The district court disagreed and held Dr. Lyle opinions, rendering judgment in favor of Peak, awarding $19M in damages.

Professional Land Surveyor and Fundamentals of Surveying training courses offered

Geoscholar offers on-site and virtual traiing to surveyors preparing for the Texas RPLS and Fundamentals of Surveying exams. Contact Geoscholar to either schedule an on-site training or to register for virtual courses.


In 2022, Geoscholar provided training to surveyors coast to coast: Texas, California, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, and New Jersey.

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