Principles & Practice of Surveying: Texas RPLS Seminar*




PELS Announcement

 Starting in May 2023, the current RPLS exam will be replaced with a combination of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) Principles and Practice of Professional Surveying (PS) exam (7 hours) throughout the year at a testing facility and a new Texas Specific Surveying Exam (TSSE) (4 hours) potentially three times a year. 



Geoscholar's Principles and Practice of Surveying: Texas RPLS Seminar is designed to provide critical information required to become licensed as a Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) based upon topics tested on the RPLS exam. This course offers an in-person RPLS review supplemented by online self-paced instruction via Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) topic based modules.



Instructor: Dr. Stacey D. Lyle, RPLS


Dr. Stacey Lyle is an Associate Professor of Practice at Texas A&M University’s Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Department of Geography. He has served as an expert witness on land boundary court cases. He is active in the industry with over 35 years of surveying experience including civil engineering, land surveying, cadastral land records databases, GIS/CAD/BIM Fusion, geodesy, hydrography, photogrammetry, and cartography.





Date: March 11, 2023 - COMPLETED

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: College Station, TX 77840




In-Person RPLS Review

Geoscholar’s 1-day in-person seminar provides a fast paced review of essential information needed for Texas RPLS professionals to practice surveying per Texas law and Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (TBPELS) standards. The in-person seminar provides in-depth problem solving of analytics sample questions and tips to build critical thinking skills. 


The review allows time to interact with Dr. Lyle and other students preparing for the Texas RPLS exam. This is an excellent opportunity to fill knowledge gaps while making final study preparations prior to taking the Texas RPLS exam.


We strongly recommend that you bring the following to the in-person seminar

  • Your PC 
  • The calculator you will use during the RPLS exam


Self-Paced Online Learning

Geoscholar's study materials are provided to all attendees through our  CANVAS Learning Management System (LMS). Geoscholar's CANVAS LMS is modeled after the CANVAS LMS used at Texas A&M University to teach surveying and engineering students. Online materials include:

  • 1 Year Login to to access updated material 
  • Collection of important information surveyors need to have accessible when practicing land surveying in Texas
  • Study Guide including practice sample questions & explanations of previous Texas RPLS exam answers
  • Audio files of Texas Land Surveying Act & Rules
  • Videos detailing critical concepts 


Online materials include nine learning modules plus a module with sample multiple choice and analytical questions. Each of the nine learning modules have self-assessment questions to gauge knowledge along the learning pathway. Dr. Lyle's audios and videos help explain concepts and useful tips for thinking critically about concept integration.




  • Survey Practice & Exam Review
  • Texas Land History
  • Texas Land Survey Act & Rules
  • Texas Natural Resource Code
  • Possession & Prescriptive Rights
  • Deeds and Appropriations
  • Presumptions, Intentions & Calls
  • Right-of-way, Easements & Waterways
  • Analytical Problems


* Principles & Practice of Surveying: Texas RPLS Seminar is equivalent to the Texas Department of Transportation: Principles & Practice of Surveying: Texas RPLS SPS103 under Geoscholar's TxDOT educational contract 601440000077801.



 Geoscholar EDU

Geoscholar EDU courses are built through Canvas.




Geoscholar's Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) engages students through dynamic professional development training modules with content to test skills and knowledge for becoming a registered Professional Land Surveyor.


Geoscholar EDU currently provides courses on:

  • Principles & Practices of Professional Surveying 

  • Fundementials of Surveying 

  • GIS

  • GNSS

  • Geodatabases

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Citizen science for cemetary mapping


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"You are stewards of our industry. I wish I had the opportunity to take [the Geoscholar Fundamentals of Surveying course] years ago. I'd be licensed already."

MWM Design Group Asst Program Manager - Surveying

Geoscholar's training examples are "spot-on" with questions asked on the Texas RPLS exam.

JMT, Inc. Vice President

I appreciated the course material before the seminar, the in person seminar was very helpful to get questions answered and understand WHY the answers are the answers. I am glad that I took this seminar before taking my exam

Spring 2023 RPLS Prep Course Feedback

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