Introducing Geoscholar EDU

Geoscholar announces our new Geoscholar EDU built through Canvas.




Canvas LMS engages delivers dynamic teaching modules for on-site and online professional development training with content to test skills and knowledge for becoming a registered Professional Land Surveyor.


Geoscholar EDU currently provides courses on:

  • Principles & Practices of Professional Surveying

  • Fundementials of Surveying

  • GIS

  • GNSS

  • Geodatabases

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Citizen science for cemetary mapping


Contact Geoscholar to discuss how we can meet your surveying training needs.

"You are stewards of our industry. I wish I had the opportunity to take [the Geoscholar Fundamentals of Surveying course] years ago. I'd be licensed already."

MWM Design Group Asst Program Manager - Surveying

Geoscholar's training examples are "spot-on" with  questions asked on the Texas RPLS exam.

JMT, Inc. Vice President

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